I guess as long as I can remember I have owned a camera and think my first was a Kodak Brownie 127 I think sometime in the late 1950’s. I took this little camera with me everywhere I went and saved my allowance money so I could develop my film then the next chapter begins. My next door neighbor was a part time studio photographer with a darkroom upstairs so now the fun begins. Days after school and Saturday afternoon were spent in the darkroom learning the art of developing film and in those days it was B/W and you hand painted your finished product. After a few years my father fixed me a small darkroom so I could play anytime I wanted to. After a short stint as a Photojournalist at a local newspaper the U.S. government had another job for me called being a solder. Now comes my 1st real camera a Pentax SLR. The next 40 years photography took a back burner to the job of making a living and raising a family and of course a camera was involved. Now enters my Canon Rebel until we advanced into the Digital age and my 1st was a Fuji Point and Shoot maybe with 2 or 3 pixels, which I used on my fall trip to The Rocky Mountain National Park to see the Aspens in full golden glow, now the love returns. After medical retirement in 2006 I returned to my love of the darkroom but now on a computer and Photoshop and all the wonderful other digital art programs. I enjoy the photography part but my real passion has always been the creative aspect of the process. The last few years I have found myself moving more into the more artistic aspect in this process sometimes called Artistry Beyond the Camera!!!

Robert Andrews

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